4th International Caparica Christmas Conference on Translational Chemistry 2021

06th – 08th December 2021 | Caparica | Portugal

Keynote Speakers

Pierre Luigi Gentili, PhD

Affiliation: University of Perugia (Italy)

Title: Processing Fuzzy Logic by molecules.

Hugo M. Santos, PhD

Affiliation: NOVA University Lisbon, Caparica (Portugal)

Title: Available soon.

Elisabete Oliveira, PhD

Affiliation: NOVA University Lisbon, Caparica (Portugal)

Title: A Journey through the Multiple Applications of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles.

Veronica Dodero, PhD

Affiliation: Chemistry Department, Bielefeld University (Germany)

Title: Supramolecular Medicine: crossing the gap from fundamental research to biomedical applications.

Jonathan Nitschke, PhD

Affiliation: University of Cambridge (UK)

Title: Chemical separations using coordination cages.

Tomoteru Fukumura, PhD

Affiliation: Tohoku University (Japan)

Title: Tetragonality induced superconductivity in RE2O2Bi (RE = rare earth) with Bi square net.

Vicent Moliner, PhD

Affiliation: Universitat Jaume I (Spain)

Title: A computer-assisted method to design new enzymes.

Laura Mercolini, PhD

Affiliation: University of Bologna (Italy)

Title: Beyond dried blood spots: current advances and challenges in microsampling-based bioanalysis.

Wojciech Grochala, PhD

Affiliation: Warsaw University (Poland)

Title: Separation-controlled redox reactions.

Mark Weiss, PhD

Affiliation: Kansas State University (USA)

Title: Using Extracellular Vesicles for Cancer Detection.

Michael Hirtz, PhD

Affiliation: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie  (Germany)

Title: Tailored Lipid Membranes for Biomedical Applications.



Title: Available soon.